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Progetto RIVA 2017

A cura di Valentina Gensini

RIVA Project 2017

In 2017, RIVA launched a series of site-specific installations, workshops, exhibitions, and encounters that enjoyed the active participation of performers, visual artists, photographers, and sound artists invited to spend a period of residency in Tuscany with the goal of elaborating on new projects around the theme of the river. For the first time, the RIVA Project did not only touch on Florence but was extended to three other Tuscan towns crossed by the Arno: Pontassieve, Pelago, and Montelupo Fiorentino. Beginning with a reflection on the environmental and cultural heritage represented by the river and its bonds with the community and the territory, the artists involved in the Project (Davide Virdis, Katrinem, Adrian Paci, Radio Papesse, Studio ++) worked in these three towns collaborating with the local Councils and the communities to give rise to new artistic projects. The project that RIVA 2017 focused on was a performance along the river, followed by an exhibit of Adrian Paci held in Florence and Pelago with the contribution of Museo Novecento and MAD Murate Art District, which displayed works by Adrian Paci associated with the theme of water as a metaphor of flow, movement, and migration. Berlin artist Katrinem was hosted in Montelupo Fiorentino for her residency under the curatorship of Tempo Reale, during which she performed and recorded her personal crossing of and ‘listening’ to the soundscape.