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Progetto RIVA 2016

A cura di Valentina Gensini

RIVA Project 2016

In 2016, on the occasion of the fiftieth commemoration of the flood of the Arno River, the RIVA Project focused on the city of Florence to raise awareness on good practices and attitudes toward the territory and the environment through art. Besides the participation of three internationally acclaimed photographers – Jay Wolke, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, and Massimo Vitali – under the curatorship of Studio Marangoni, the project enjoyed the contribution of several artists, including Bernard Fort with Tempo Reale, Radio Papesse, Studio ++, Francesco Pellegrino, Fotoromanzo Italiano, who were commissioned original artistic creations: site-specific installations along the banks of the river, workshops, exhibitions and conferences along the Arno and at MAD Murate Art District. Among the permanent site-specific artworks that can still be visited is the Terzo Giardino (Third Garden), designed by the Studio ++ collective art group: ten thousand square metres over the banks of the river were returned to the city; a green maze whose name reminds of the metaphor used by landscape designer Gilles Clément, who argued that abandoned vegetation in those “residual places left out of the rational organisation of man” is an extraordinary reserve of biodiversity and evolutionary potential.