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European Chamber Music Academy Session Fiesole

On Thursday July 20th the third and final event of the ensembles of the European Chamber Music Academy Session Fiesole will take place. It is a scenic action based on “Die Sieben Letzten Worte Unseres Erlösers Am Kreuze” by Haydn, conceived by Alexander Lonquich for the Alioth Quartet, who have been perfecting it at the school with the Cuarteto Casals and Heime Müller.

In 1787, Haydn arranged a version for string quartet of the Seven Last Words, which he had composed the previous year for an orchestral ensemble during the Good Friday celebrations in the Cadiz Cathedral. The first performance made a great impression on the composer, with the church adorned in black drapes, a single lamp in the center, and the celebrant prostrating himself in front of the altar after each of the seven words while the music filled the sacred space. The structure of the work resembles a sacred representation, which is why it was decided to build a true theatrical action around the Seven Words.

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