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Opening 13 febbraio 17.30
Tommaso Sacchi, Assessore alla Cultura, Comune di Firenze
Valentina Gensini, artistic director Murate Art District
Justin Randolph Thompson, co-founder Black History Month Florence.

Sporcarsi le mani per fare un lavoro pulito

An exhibition that examines the implementation of social obligations towards dirty work, the shortcomings of cultural assimilation, the silencing of histories and the politics of respectability.

The artists in the exhibition each draw upon experiences of a periods of permanence in Italy that pushes them to engage the cities of Rome, Umbertide, Milan and Florence as sites for cultural production with the need to engage history while not falling victim to it.

Activist Pape Diaw, in a 2013 interview spoke of “…sporcarsi le mani per fare un lavoro pulito “, literally getting our hands dirty to do a clean job. This contradiction is at the core of a social context where dirty work is engaged in to maintain a status governed by the politics of respectability and social policing.

The exhibition, curated by Black History Month Florence, as part of the 5th edition of BHMF, in collaboration with Villa Romana (Florence), Civitella Ranieri Foundation (Umbertide) and Galleria Continua (San Gimignano), presents the work of 6 international artists who have used the Italian context as a place of artistic production. A series of transversal works leads to a reworking of stereotyped notions of Made in Italy that tend to exclude Afro-descendents, revealing colonial attitudes and inviting and breaking preconceptions.

An insistence on personal narratives as an override to the flattened projections of Blackness, the construction of bridges between a colonial past and a neo-colonial contemporary reality and the ethereality of monumentality all infuse these works with a meditation on the past as a marker of what’s to come.

Together they form a harmonic melody that is discordant with the prescribed, centralized, consumed narrative but finds just enough alignment to relay its power to enrich the age-old tune

The Artists

M’Barek Bouhchichi (Marocco)
Adij Dieye (Italia/Senegal)
Sasha Huber (Svizzera/Finlandia)
Delio Jasse (Angola/Italia)
Amelia Umuhire (Rwanda/Germania)
Nari Ward (Jamaica/USA)

Sporcarsi Le Mani Per Fare Un Lavoro Pulito is the first collective exhibition that opens the semester dedicated by Murate Art District to an international horizon:
“MAD dedicates the first semester of programming to international residencies and exhibitions that investigate the Afro-descendant culture, then the Middle East and finally the Far East with Japan – underlines Valentina Gensini, artistic director of MAD Murate Art District -. The renewed collaboration with BHMF and Villa Romana takes the form of two exhibitions of great importance: one on the Black Archive, the other on important international artists called to reflect on post-colonial rhetoric and a certain contemporary neo-colonialism, which imposes painful negotiations with history, collective memory and its amnesia, but also with the future, which calls for a clear change of perspective”.


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