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Repose and Resist

15th february – 30th march 2024

curated by BHMF


Repose and Resist is a group exhibition that examines rest and healing in relation to Black cultural production. The works from these artists look at care for the body and for the spirit as a gesture of recognition of fatigue and exhaustion that is a part of the lives of so many in the cultural scene, where the division between professional and personal life is nearly non existent. The framing of sculptural, video and panting gestures that become forms of collective care take over the spaces of the Murate with its history of Spirituality and reclusion. The works are indicators of practices that we may engage in towards replenished energies and focus akin to the resting of the earth between planting seasons.


This exhibition is expanded through exchange and methodologies that emerged through a retreat, which took place in Giverny, France as a collaboration between The Recovery Plan and the Terra Foundation for American Art.

This sharing of the methodologies of the Recovery Plan provides the backdrop for a layered meditation on rest and repose in relation to resistance. The exhibition is an invitation to the viewer to slow down, to rest and to recognize bodily and spiritual needs. The exhibition is accompanied by a public program of talks,
performances and workshops.


The opening will take place on thursday 15th at 6 p.m.


For more information:
055 2476873

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