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Kirsten Stromberg

La Riva: along the fermata

Artist/Composer: Kirsten Stromberg
Performers: Francesco Toninelli, Renato Grieco, Francesco Pellegrino
An installation and performance of graphic scores inspired by the relational ecology of plants along the
banks of the Arno River in Florence. Working with drawings that trace the spaces and movements between
complex growth structures, they form the basis of graphic musical scores from which performers will activate.
The instruments include: wind, percussion, violencello and voice. Neither entirely classical structured
composition, nor entirely improvised, this project touches upon the relations between natural, interior and
social structures, as well as musical and visual translations, highlighting the interplay of human/plant
relationships, and pausing to listen to the music of an area of Florence that is often ignored.

Kirsten Stromberg

Cross-disciplinary artist

Kirsten Stromberg (b. San Francisco, USA, lives and works in Florence, Italy) is an interdisciplinary artist working in mixed media, painting/drawing, sound art and experimental music. Areas of research include: art education and aesthetic engagement for individual and social transformation, pain and recovery in the world body, feminist inquiry and contemporary art. She received her BA from Dartmouth College where she was a Senior Fellow in electro-acoustic music and studio art. In 2005 she... completed her MFA in Arts and Consciousness Studies at JFKU. She has studied for over 20 years with the artists Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky attending numerous workshops and residencies with them in both Italy and South Africa. Kirsten’s work has been shown/performed in both solo and group exhibitions internationally including: Le Murate PAC and Fabbrica Europa in Florence; L.A.C.E and Huntington Beach Center for The Arts in the Los Angeles area; The SF Arts Commission, 21 Grand and Works/San Jose’; in the San Francisco Bay Area; as well as exhibitions and projects in New York, London, Copenhagen, and Berlin.

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Francesco Pellegrino

musician and visual artist

Francesco Pellegrino is a multimedia artist and musician; his works include electroacoustic music, performances and installations. As a musician he performs in electroacoustic concerts for various instruments (including sax, trumpet, clarinet and various objects) and live electronics; he plays in the electroacoustic trio3D3, with Maurizio Montini and Andrea Venturoli. As an artist he creates installations with a strong sound component, immersive environments, invitations to contemplation. His... installations have been exhibited in Florence, Livorno, Stockholm, Mexico City, Chongquing and others.

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Renato Grieco

composer and musician

Renato Grieco is a composer and musician active in the field of musique concrète and radio-art. Since 2013 he has performed in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Malta, Greece both with his solo project (under the pseudonym kNN) and in numerous collaborations as a performer, interpreter or playwright of sound for dance. He is co- curator of the La Digestion festival – rarely heard music. Some of his most significant... collaborations include names such as MP Hopkins, Valerio Tricoli, Evan Parker, Xavier Charles, Ingar Zach, Elio Martusciello, Tom White, ensemble Dissonanzen. He has released records for Pseudomagica, Canti Magnetici, Glistening Examples, Regional Bears, Chocolate Monk, Dinzu Artifact, Falt, Granny, Toxo, Mikroton.

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Francesco Toninelli


Francesco Toninelli is a Florentine musician living in Copenhagen, where he studied at the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium following his training as a classical percussionist. He is currently involved in the creation of instrumental compositions, musique concrète and radio pieces, with particular interest in themes such as semiotics and the sign use of sound, the history of culture, the use of obsolete media, synthesis. He collaborates with musicians of various backgrounds including Michal Biel,... Gianluca Elia, Renato Grieco, Hein Westgaard, Irene Bianco and is the founder of the contemporary music quartet Ensemble Ektós. He has performed both as an artist and as an interpreter in Italy, Denmark, Slovenia, Poland; recently released work on Howard Records and Falt.

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