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Un training per l’attore “neo-drammatico”

Teatro dell'Elce

Un training per l’attore “neo-drammatico” | Teatro dell'Elce

During the last years, we encountered the need of a precise definition of our theatric style. We don’t want a conceptual definition, nor we need a definition to describe the past: on the contrary, we look for a praxis to characterise in a specific way our working activity in the future.

First, we decided to develop a new “training”, through an activity of synthesis of all sources and experiences which contributed to draw our path until today. A “training” is a set of exercises, games, provocations for the actor to enter a specific working atmosphere to rehearse or to perform.

The target we are following is what we called “neo-dramatic theatre” (another ongoing definition): it concerns the desire to explore the performative branch of acting as well as saving a “dramatic” basis, for whom the “present” act of the performer is not unlinked to an “a-priori” organization of the performance meaning. In other words, if dramatic theatre was a road and performative theatre was water, “neo-dramatic theatre” would be a river.

Teatro dell'Elce

Theatre company

Teatro dell’elce is a theatre company founded in 2016 from Marco Di Costanzo (director), Stefano Parigi (actor) and Andrea Pistolesi (sound designer). Teatro dell’Elce activity is focalised on a continuos study about acting as well as on production of performances and other education and research projects, in order to achieve a high quality popular theatre. Teatro dell’Elce performances have been staged throughout Italy and the company was Italy representative within the International... Algiers Theatre Festival 2010 and the International Theatre Festival for Peace 2011 and 2012 in Barrancabermeja (Colombia).

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