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Giuseppe Comuniello e Camilla Guarino

LET ME BE | Giuseppe Comuniello e Camilla Guarino

Like a gaze, like a breath. Like someone who moves his hand closer to your soiled lips, and you, foreseeing it, do it ahead. Like the morning light on a summer day. Do you know the feeling when you cannot fall asleep and you go out on the balcony to think? Just like when you succeed in something you were not confident about and hence you think, maybe, it is possible. Perhaps, sometimes, seeing the very same thing is possible.

A scenery of bodies, lights, and stories finds his dimension through a handful of moves, gestures, interpretations, and physicalities. Apparently similar images change from time to time, day after day, creating multiple variations and perspectives of the same subjects. A little world with his own language style, it is a world full of energies that express the relationship among the defined element, the narrator and the dreamer. An increasingly confused look that questions who is driving the vision of the other.


The project was born in 2019 when Camilla Guarino and Giuseppe Comuniello, a sightless dancer, realize their urgent desire of explaining how is describing a dance performance to a blind person. How does Giuseppe perceive the body shapes and figures? And how Camilla can translate and share them? No rules are set; only their complicity, matured over time, allows them to create a new way of communicating through words and moves, enriched from time to time with new gestures and perspectives.

Along the way, they realized they have created a cute and intimate choreographic score, together with many recurrent relational dynamics.This storytelling elaboration brings with it memories and thoughts based on past personal experiences, which, if shared, can influence other’s perspective. Consequently, the transmission of those images cannot be pure, but it gets through some filters which affect how the sightless person will perceive the images.

In the end, also who is describing the reality will end up looking at it more carefully, the perspectives are constantly mistaken, the images link together, there are no guidelines, there is no right or wrong.

Creazione e interpretazione: Giuseppe Comuniello e Camilla Guarino
Drammaturgia: Camilla Guarino
Assistente: Silvia Berti
Light Designer: Pietro Millosevich, Gabriele Termine
Artista sonoro: Umberto Foddis
Creazione video: Gabriele Termine
Prodotto da Versiliadanza
Co-prodotto da: Centro Internazionale della danza CID, MAD Murate Art District, Associazione MUS.E, Comune di Firenze.
Sostenuto da Compagnia Virgilio Sieni

Camilla Guarino

Dancer and performer

Camilla Guarino approaches ballet and contemporary dance since childhood, and then integrate her studies with theatrical and choreographic workshops held by Claudia Castellucci, Jacopo Jenna, Teatro Valdoca, Muta Imago and Armando Punzo. She approached the choreographer Virgilio Sieni in 2015, after a laboratory of journalistic criticism held by Massimo Marino and Altre Velocità. Graduated with a master thesis on the Ten Years of Academy on the Art of Gesture by Virgilio Sieni, she is involved... as an interpreter and intern in the work of the artist. In 2015 she collaborates with the Biennale Danza in Venice and in 2018 she participates with the project Biennale College ASAC followed by Elisa Vaccarino. She is part of the association Blaubart – dance webzine, which deals with dance in the Bologna area and holds theater courses at the infancy and primary schools. She currently attends the Master in dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio d’Amico and together with Giuseppe Comuniello is working on the performance Let Me Be.

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Giuseppe Comuniello

Dancer and performer

Giuseppe Comuniello began his dance career in 2009 with choreographer Virgilio Sieni, with whom he still collaborates today. He has also worked for national and international choreographers such as Alessandro Schiattarella, Emanuel Gat, Emanuel Rosenberg and Michela Lucenti/Ballettto Civile with Bed Lambs, a show that won the Danza&danza award for best Italian production. At the same time he began a journey on the transmission of movement through contact improvisation, holding workshops on... movement open to all in collaboration with the association Muvet of Bologna, the company Teatro Danzabile of Lugano, the Uffizi Gallery and the Sert of Florence for the recovery of drug addiction. Since 2016 collaborates with the Oriente Occidente Festival for the international network on accessible dance. His latest works are Danza Cieca, created and performed together with Virgilio Sieni for Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 and Lonely Planet, the first study of a research work with Camilla Guarino on perception debuted with the support of the Teatro Comunale di Ferrara within the review “La società a teatro”. This last project in 2020 was developed in Let me be produced by Versiliadanza.


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