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Progetto RIVA

curated by

From May 5 to June 19, 2021
Reservations recommended.

Opening May 5, 15.00 – 19.30
For information and reservations opening | +390552476873

Saturday guided tour to the exhibition (h 15.00,16.00,17.00) and to the Third Garden – except for June 5 – (h18.30) with reservation | +390552768224

Progetto RIVA

The RIVA project, promoted by the Associazione MUS.E, under the artistic direction of Valentina Gensini, in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence, the Region of Tuscany, in co-project with the Sensi contemporanei program and MiC (Ministry of Culture, Italy) was created with the aim of enhancing the banks of the Arno River, in the heart of Florence and in the metropolitan area.

In 1966, the city went through the dreadful experience of the flood, which caused over one hundred casualties, besides damaging or destroying thousands of masterpieces of art and rare books. The joint effort of Italian and foreign volunteers made it possible for many of these works to be restored, but after many decades much remains to be done. After this tragedy, the city forgot the banks of the Arno, casting an aloof gaze over them with waning intimacy. The RIVA Project was expanded with the ultimate goal of creating a fluvial park in the heart of the city, enjoying the participation of artists, curators, researchers, biologists, and architects from all over Italy and farther afield. In the last few years, with an eye on rediscovering the environmental and cultural heritage associated with the river, the RIVA Project has produced:

* art installations and exhibitions in collaboration with photographers, artists, and composers who have created innovative visual and sound portraits of the river and its recollections, besides fostering new visions of the river and its banks;

* workshops and laboratories addressed to locals and young artists led by designers, artists, and photographers keen on environmental and social issues;

* round tables, conferences, and lectures with the participation of artists, curators, researchers, sociologists, and architects on the themes of environmental sustainability, protection of the landscape, biodiversity, participatory democracy;

  • artist residencies and training opportunities for young artists aimed at producing new works connected with the rediscovery of the river as a primary resource and an element that might give life to a vast park in the centre of Florence and the metropolitan area.

The exhibition herein presented offers an overview on the most interesting interventions produced during the last five years, since the 50th anniversary of the flood.

List of artists adhering to the Project:

Yuval Avital

Giulia Dari

Edoardo Delille

Diario Popolare

Bernard Fort

Fotoromanzo italiano

Federica Gonnelli



Alice Machado

Alysa Martynova

Benedetta Manfriani

Martino Marangoni

Paolo Masi

Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Adrian Paci

Francesco Pellegrino

Radio Papesse

Stay with me

Kirsten Stromberg

Studio ++

Tempo Reale

Giuseppe Toscano

Davide Virdis

Massimo Vitali

Jay Wolke

Paolo Woods

Zhang Xiang

Renato Grieco

Francesco Toninelli


The RIVA Project is realized in collaboration with Fondazione Studio Marangoni (International Training Center for Photography) and with Tempo Reale (Center for Research, Production and Musical Education), in co-project with the Sensi Contemporanei program and MiC, with the support of Regione Toscana, Comune di Firenze, Mus.e, FST.

The RIVA project | Exhibition introduction

Valentina Gensini, direttore artistico MAD Murate Art District, curatrice

Rivers (Fiumi, 2018) | Yuval Avital

Flow (Flusso, 2018) | Giulia Dari

Sospesi (2018/2019) | Edoardo Delille e Paolo Woods

Il diario popolare (2020)

Lumières d’Automne sur l’Arno (Luci d’autunno sull’Arno, 2016) | Bernard Fort

Quei giorni del diluvio (2016) | Fotoromanzo Italiano

La terza sponda del fiume (2018) | Federica Gonnelli

Path of awareness (2018) | Katrinem

Living Lab (2021) | Progettato da LWCircus e realizzato da Giacomo Salizzoni

Adelmo (2018) | Alice Machado

I Guess the River Never Knew (Il fiume ignaro, 2018) | Alisa Martynova

Incontri confluenti (2018) | Martino Marangoni

40.000 chiodi (2018), Tracce sul territorio (2018) | Paolo Masi

Arno on the Arno (Arno sull'Arno, 2016), Arno Minkkinen

Di queste luci si servirà la notte (2017) | Adrian Paci

Vivente (2016) | Francesco Pellegrino

Arno Atlas (2013-2016) | Radio Papesse

Confluenze (2018) | Radio Papesse

Along the -fermata- (2019-2020)

Along the 𝄐 (Attraverso la 𝄐, 2019-2020),
Kirsten Stromberg
Progetto RIVA

Incontri confluenti (2018) | Giuseppe Toscano

Incontri confluenti (2018) | Davide Virdis

Pescatori (2016), Ponte Vecchio - Marangoni (2016) | Massimo Vitali

Arno flow, Arno bridge, Arno love, Arno flood, Arno restore (Il corso del fiume Arno, Ponte sull’Arno, Amore per l’Arno, L’alluvione, La riqualificazione delle sponde dell’Arno, 2016) | Jay Wolke

Un passato fuori dal tempo (2019) | Zhang Xiang