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Florencing with the Arts

Memory of Omens

tuesday, June 25th

at 6:00 and 6:45 p.m


Memory of Omens reimagines the myth of Orpheus through a feminist lens, drawing inspiration from Alda Merini’s poem “The Presence of Orpheus” and RIVA, a multifaceted artistic project promoted by the MUS.E Association and developed by Murate Art District under the artistic direction of Valentina Gensini.

This dance piece interweaves subtle gestural movement, complex spatial patterning, and athletic partnering, with a dance video shot along the Arno River and on the Firenze streets of Via Dell’Inferno, Via Del Purgatorio, and Via Del Limbo. Like the river, which both nurtures and consumes, our performance explores the cyclical nature of life and death, light and dark, chaos and calm. Through the power of female creativity and perspective, we delve into the fluid dynamics of existence, echoing the constant ebb and flow that defines both the natural world and the human experience.


Director/Choreographer: Lauren Kearns
Co-Choreographer: Lauren Jacobbe
Video Artist: Robert Kearns
Music Composer: David Karagianis
Poet and Poem: Alda Merini “The Presence of Orpheus”
Movement Invention: The Dancers
Orpheus/Merini: Lauren Jacobbe
Eurydice/Merini: Katey O’Connell
Ensemble: Anaya Agard, Mercedes Cifrián de Caso, Brooke Goldstein, Meredith Peck, Sarah Rothacker, Kelsi Sheren, Sadie Vaughan and Sabella Volanksy
Costume Coordinator: Kelsi Sheren


Free entry while places last.


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Lauren Kearns

Lauren Kearns is a Professor of Dance, the Director of Dance Science, former Department Chairperson, and the Founding Coordinator of the BFA Dance Program and the BS Dance Science Program at Elon University, Elon, North Carolina, USA. Kearns has presented her creative and dance science research at national and international dance conferences since 2000 and taught at Dance Ireland in Dublin, Ireland, as part of their Healthier Dancer Days in 2018, 2020, and 2022. She is the author of Somatics... in Action: A Mindful and Physical Conditioning Tool for Movers, published by Handspring Publishing and released in October of 2017. Kearns has received over forty-five grants, fellowships, and awards to support her artistic and scholarly projects and is an international choreographer having composed over fifty professionally produced concert pieces. Kearns’ dual research agenda is situated in the fields of dance science and contemporary dance. Her dance science research focus is on the application of somatic theories to dance training, performance, and injury prevention as well as the utilization of dance to promote health and wellness. Her contemporary dance research is centered on how site-specific dance making in global contexts can foster community engagement and understanding of disciplinary, geographical, and cultural contexts.

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