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Black Archive Alliance 

Black Archive Alliance
Villa Romana in the context of Cantiere Toscana, in collaboration with BHMF

Present archival materials in sites throughout the city broadening the access to the findings Highlight histories that have frequently been omitted from local memory Provide the foundational spark for future research in this field Remedy the state of amnesia that isolates African and African Diasporic presence in the city and country as an exclusively contemporary phenomenon Highlight the research and researchers who have already been doing this work Produce texts and photographic exhibition materials that can later be re-installed as educational resources.

Colonial Postcards and Landscape architecture
MAD Murate Art District (Emeroteca) 5:30 pm Presentation of the project dedicated to Colonial Postcards from Italian editors and Stamps from the Poste Italiane with the research of the Students of Angelica Pesarini’s Black Italia class at New York University Florence together with the presentation of an artistic project dedicated to Colonial Botanical Gardens by Michele Dantini.

Landscape architecture. African city parks and botanical gardens by Michele Dantini
For Black Archive Alliance Michele Dantini presents a research rooted in various international archives that investigates African botanical gardens, their colonial conception and their meaning today. The history of African city parks and botanical gardens is interwoven with State political or social vicissitudes, colonization and de-colonization processes, the establishment of new nations, and, in varying ways, with the history of agriculture and the forest. Above all, it is interwoven with a fantasy that is deeply inscribed in the European colonial imagination, that of an African Eden designed for hunting and timeless emotions, and – with the norms, demarcations and prohibitions that led to the creation of natural parks and protected areas – made inaccessible to local populations.

Preparing a Recovery Plan
MAD Murate Art District6 pm
Preparing a Recovery Plan_Artist Screening of artists working with the archive as form and context with videos by: Lerato Shadi, Kevin Jerome Everson e Alessandra Ferrini (with presence of artists)


Biblioteca Marucelliana, Via Camillo Cavour, 43, 50129 Florence;  8.30 am – 6.30 pm
Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Piazza San Lorenzo 9, 50123 Florence; 9.30 am -1.30 pm
British Institute of Florence/ Harold Acton Library, Lungarno Guicciardini 9, 50125 Florence; 10 am – 6 pm
Mediateca Toscana, Via San Gallo 25, 50129 Florence; 10 am – 1 pm / 2 – 7 pm
Centro Studi La Pira, Via dei Pescioni 3, 50123 Florence, 9  am – 7 pm
Fondazione Santa Maria Nuova, Piazza Santa Maria Nuova 1, 50122 Florence; 10 am-1 pm / 3 – 7 pm
SACI/ Worthington Library, Palazzo dei Cartelloni, Via Sant Antonio 11, 50123 Florence; 9 am – 9 pm
Syracuse University Florence/ Syracuse Florence Library, Piazza Fra’ Girolamo Savonarola 15, 50132 Florence; 9 am -1.30 pm / 3 – 8 pm
The other spaces are visitable in their opening hours. We invite the public to pass by the sites to see the shows and collect the pages of the catalogue dedicated to each individual archive free of charge.

Villa Romana, as part of the Cantiere Toscana project, supported by the Region of Tuscany – Toscanaincontemporanea2018 and in collaboration with BHMF, is organizing a series of mini-exhibitions, tours and presentations based on private and public archives, collections and libraries throughout Florence with holdings that reflect the realities and histories of African and African Diasporic people and their representation. This series of shows from the 27th-29th of November creates a virtual map of this archival presence in the city. A resulting catalogue intends to assist future research while providing insight to people who visit the range of spaces dislocated throughout Florence and beyond with which we are in collaboration.

Black History Month Florence

Curatorial team

Black History Month Florence was founded in 2016 is a cross institutional network for Black cultural production that celebrates Afro-descendent Cultures in the context of Italy. The initiative is engaged in programming, advising and co-promoting over 50 events annually within the month of February, through a network formed and supported by the Comune, foundations, institutions, cultural associations, museums, schools and venues dedicated to art and to music. BHMF as a curatorial team is headed... by Justin Randolph Thompson and Janine Gaelle Dieudji.

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Justin Randolph Thompson

co-founder and director Black History Month Florence

Justin Randolph Thompson is a new media artist, cultural facilitator and educator born in Peekskill, NY in ’79. Living between Italy and the US since 1999, Thompson is Co-Founder and Director of Black History Month Florence, a multi-faceted exploration of African and African Diasporic cultures in the context of Italy founded in 2016. Thompson is a recipient of a Louise Comfort Tiffany Award, a Franklin Furnace Fund Award, a Visual Artist Grant from the Fundacion Marcelino Botin, two... Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grants, A Jerome Fellowship from Franconia Sculpture Park and an Emerging Artist Fellowship from Socrates Sculpture Park. His life and work seek to deepen the discussions around socio-cultural stratification and hierarchical organization by employing fleeting temporary communities as monuments and fostering projects that connect academic discourse social activism and DIY networking strategies in annual and biennial gathering, sharing and gestures of collectivity.



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Kevin Jerome Everson


Kevin Jerome Everson (born 1965) is an artist working in film, painting, sculpture, and photography. He was born in Mansfield, Ohio and currently resides in Virginia. He holds an MFA from Ohio University, and a BFA from the University of Akron, and is Professor of Art at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.


Everson’s films frequently depict people working and living in working-class communities. Many of his works focus on the migration of African... American communities and individuals from the American South northward in search of work.[1] “Everson rejects the role of cultural explainer in his work, opting instead to place the burden of understanding on the audience and its own labor. In this way, he has carved a place for himself outside both the typical expectations of documentary and the conventions of representational fiction, attempting to work from the materials of the worlds he encounters to create something else.”[2]


Everson frequently employs hand-held camerawork and uses 16mm to create many of his films. His work has been the subject of retrospective screenings at Media City Film Festival (2011), Tate Modern (2017), online at Mubi (2018), and Cinéma du Réel at the Centre Pompidou (2019)


Everson has directed nearly a dozen feature-length films and over 100 short films.



Everson’s films have been the subject of mid-career retrospectives at the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea (February 2017); Viennale (2014); Visions du Reel, Nyon, Switzerland (2012), The Whitney Museum of American Art, NY and Media City Film Festival (2011) and Centre Pompidou, Paris in 2009. His work has been featured at the 2008, 2012, and 2017 Whitney Biennials, the 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Media City Film Festivals, and the 2013 Sharjah Biennial.

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Lerato Shadi

Visual Artist

Lerato Shadi lives and works in Berlin. She earned a M.A. (Space Strategies) from Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee in 2018 and she received a B.A. (Visual Art) from University of Johannesburg in 2006. From 2010 to 2012 Shadi was a member of the ‘Bag Factory artist studios’ in Johannesburg. Her work was featured at the Dak’art Biennale and in the III Moscow International Biennale in 2012. She is a fellow of Sommerakademie 2013 (Zentrum Paul Klee). Shadi was awarded with the mart stam... studio grant, Berlin in 2014 and received the Alumni Dignitas Award of the University of Johannesburg in 2016. She presented her solo show Noka Ya Bokamoso at the South African National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in 2016. Shadi participated in The Parliament of Bodies, the Public Programs of documenta 14 and was awarded with the AFRICA’SOUT! residency program (Brooklyn, NY) in 2017. Shadi is fellow of the German Villa Romana Prize in Florence (Italy) for 2018.

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Alessandra Ferrini 

Artist, researcher, educator

Alessandra Ferrini is a London-based artist, researcher and educator. Her practice is rooted in lens-based media, postcolonial theory, memory and critical whiteness studies, historiographical and archival practices. Experimenting with the expansion and hybridization of the documentary film, she interrogates the enduring legacies of colonialism and Fascism with a specific interest in the past and present network of relations between Italy, the Mediterranean region and the African continent. She... has exhibited internationally, including at: Casablanca Biennal (2021); Manifesta 13 Paralléles du Sud Marseille (2020); Villa Romana (solo show 2019); Depo Istanbul Biennal Collaterale (2019); Lagos Biennal (2019); Sharjah Foundation Film Platform (2019); Manifesta 12 Film Programme (2018).

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Michele Dantini 

Storico dell’arte contemporanea, critico e saggista

Michele Dantini è uno storico dell’arte contemporanea, critico e saggista, insegna all’Università del Piemonte orientale ed è visiting professor presso università nazionali e internazionali. Laureatosi e perfezionatosi (Ph.D.) in storia della filosofia e storia dell’arte presso la Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa; Eberhard Karls Universität, Tubinga; The Courtauld Institute, Londra; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, collabora con i... principali musei di arte contemporanea italiani ed è responsabile del Master MAED al Castello di Rivoli. Scrive di arte contemporanea, politiche culturali e dell’innovazione, tecnologia, Rete e digitale. Tra le pubblicazioni recenti Geopolitiche dell’arte italiana. Arte e critica d’arte nel contesto internazionale (Milano 2012); Arte contemporanea, ecologia e sfera pubblica (Roma 2012); Humanities e innovazione sociale (Milano 2012); Apple cosmica. Come le narrazioni fantascientifiche modellano il design e il marketing della Mela (Milano 2012); Horses and other herbivores (Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem 2010). Coautore dei manifesti TQ “università e ricerca” e “patrimonio storico-artistico e ambientale”, è interessato ai temi della diversità culturale e del cosmopolitismo postcoloniale. Il suo Diario Namibiano (e/o, Milano 2003), inchiesta sulle trasformazioni delle abilità tradizionali in Africa australe all’ingresso nel mercato globale condotta in collaborazione con la National Gallery di Windhoek, è stato finalista del premio Paola Biocca|Società Italo Calvino nel 2002. Suoi reportage e fieldworks sono stati presentati alla Fondazione Merz, Torino; CCCS Strozzina, Firenze; Centro di arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato; Centre de la Photographie, Ginevra; MAO, Torino. Collabora a L’Huffington, Alfabeta2, Doppiozero, ROARS, Il giornale dell’arte, il manifesto. Lista degli istituzioni/archivi: Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo, Archivio Enrico Romero, Archivio Leonard Bundu/ David Weiss, Archivio Storico Fratelli Alinari, Biblioteca Marucelliana, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, British Institute of Florence/ Harold Acton Library, Cineteca di Firenze, Collezione Palli, Fondazione La Pira, Fondazione Santa Maria Nuova, Gli Uffizi, Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz, Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea/ MUS.E, New York University Florence/ Villa La Pietra Poste Italiane, SACI/ Worthington Library, Sahara Desert, Syracuse University Florence/ Syracuse Florence Library

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